Geoffrey Booth

production management for film and television
web developer and programmer

Film Finances

Director of Production

Feb 2013 –
  • Analyzed budgets, shooting schedules, cost reports, daily reports and scripts for prepping and shooting films
  • Supervised dozens of films for executive Susan Muir, ranging in budgets from $1 million to $100 million
  • Found and opened brand-new New York office, including overseeing renovations and setting up technology

New Regency

Software Developer

Dec 2012 – Feb 2013
  • Collaborated with executive Lulu Zezza in developing organizational strategies for film productions
  • Built web app for batch find-and-replace in Word and Excel documents across folders and subfolders
  • Developed web app for automated budget estimating in various jurisdictions

Keep Your Head Productions

Assistant to Producer

Oct 2011 – Dec 2012
  • Assisted producer Anthony Katagas from prep through post on The Immigrant and 12 Years a Slave
  • Budgeted 12 Years a Slave for several months before production accountant was hired
  • Created script breakdowns, budgets and schedules for several other films in development

12 Years a Slave

feature, independent

Assistant to Academy-Award-winning Producer Anthony Katagas for prep through post in New Orleans. Budgeted the film during prep. Coordinated wrap. Worked with production designer Adam Stockhausen to create wall maps and a map website showing filming locations with photos. Worked with assistant directors Doug Torres and James Roque to analyze schedules, and with production supervisor Alissa Kantrow to automate watermarked distribution.

True Story

feature, New Regency

Assistant to Producer Anthony Katagas for budgeting and scheduling and research during preproduction.

The Immigrant

feature, independent

Assistant to Producer Anthony Katagas from preproduction through delivery of this James Gray-directed film starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner.
Produced, along with senior producer/stage manager Richard Brick and associate producer Jaclyn Lee, this pilot segment of a multipart miniseries directed by Muffie Meyer. Found and managed four locations, oversaw all equipment and vehicle rentals, coordinated daily schedules, produced call sheets, and served as away-from-camera head of production during filming.

Untitled HBO Films Project

television feature, HBO

Assistant to producer Scott Ferguson in researching and assembling a visual reference Web site for the locations in a script by Daniel Therriault.
Assistant to producer Michael Hausman in scheduling and budgeting a script by Charles Randolph for director Milos Forman.
Assistant to producer Richard Brick during the planning and filming of a fundraising trailer for a feature film adaptation of the book Icarus at the Edge of Time, directed by Mark Obenhaus.


pilot, CBS

Assistant to unit production manager Scott Ferguson and second assistant director Patrick Gibbons on a television pilot for CBS.


feature, independent

Assistant to producer Richard Brick in budgeting a film version of a Broadway musical in preproduction.

The Special Relationship

television feature, HBO

Assistant to producer Scott Ferguson in scheduling and researching the locations in a script by Peter Morgan.

The Ghost of Munich

feature, independent

Assistant to producer Michael Hausman in scheduling a script by Milos Forman.

The Green Hornet

feature, Sony

Assistant to first assistant director Michael Hausman, executive producer Michael Grillo, unit production manager Leeann Stonebreaker and director Michel Gondry.


pilot, CBS

Assistant to second assistant director Patrick Gibbons and unit production manager Scott Ferguson on a television pilot for CBS.
Craft Service co-department head along with Jennifer Roberts for assistant production office coordinator Robert Dominguez.

The Apprentice

season 4, NBC

Utility production assistant for camera operator Rodney Chauvin and transportation coordinator Logan Edler.

Trading Spouses

seasons 1–2, Fox

Production assistant for producer Dixon Troyer.

Walking Concert and The Exit

music videos

Production assistant for producer Major Lightner.

A Year and a Day

feature, independent

Assistant set dresser for producer Robert Lane.


feature, independent

Second assistant camera for Panasonic Varicam film shot by director of photography Frank Barrera.


feature, Fox Searchlight

Personal assistant to director Catherine Hardwicke from the beginning of preproduction through the end of principal photography. Also scouted locations, created props, taped auditions, and helped staff the office and set. Ms. Hardwicke received the dramatic Director’s Award at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, and star Holly Hunter received an Academy Award nomination for her role in the film.

Friends With Kids

feature, Lionsgate

Assistant location manager for location manager Joseph Stephans on additional photography for this independent film starring Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm and Maya Rudolph.


feature, independent

Assistant location manager for location manager Elizabeth Krekel and co-location manager Kristen Mink on this independent film starring Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher.


feature, independent

Location scout for location manager Joseph Stephans on this independent film starring Brendan Fraser.

Generation Um...

feature, independent

Location scout for location manager Joseph Stephans on this independent film starring Keanu Reeves.

Il giorno in più

feature, independent

Location scout for location managers Kate Beall and Barry Shapiro on New York unit of Italian film.

Blue Bloods

4 episodes, CBS

Location scout for location manager Collin Smith and assistant location manager Nicole Renna.

Elective Affinities

off-Broadway play

Location scout for non-traditional theatre space for the off-Broadway play Elective Affinities, produced by Steven Chaikelson of Snug Harbor Productions.

Something Borrowed

feature, Warner Bros

Location assistant and scout for location manager Keith Adams and assistant location manager Stuart Nicolai.


4 episodes, FX

Location scout and location assistant for location manager Daniel Strol, and assistant location managers Jason Kadlec, Andrew Poppoon, Sascha Springer and Daniel Tresca on season 1 of this Emmy and Golden Globe Awards-winning series.


feature, Fox Searchlight

Location assistant for location manager Keith Adams and line producer Blair Breard on reshoots.


feature, Universal

Location assistant for location manager Keith Adams and line producer Blair Breard on New York unit.

The Happening

feature, Fox

Location assistant for location manager Keith Adams and assistant location manager Chris Coyne on New York unit.

Synecdoche, New York

feature, Sony Pictures Classics

Location assistant for location manager Steve Weisberg and assistant location managers Kat Donahue, Kim Feinman, Dave Ginsberg, and location assistant Chris Cloud.

Film Finances Web


  • Web interface for internal FileMaker-hosted database of the company Film Finances
  • Includes powerful tools for searching contacts and films based on multiple criteria
  • Visualizes films’ progress with interactive graphs and progress bars
  • Streamlines input by parsing film-specific data types (pagecounts, payroll hours) at time of entry
  • Built using Meteor framework with supporting PHP code to keep MongoDB and FileMaker databases in sync
  • Uses Bootstrap, X-Editable for custom form inputs, Iron Router, D3 and X-Charts, Bootstrap-WYSIWYG



  • Finds and replaces text across folders and subfolders of Word and Excel documents
  • Web-based interface where users can upload an entire folder and download it processed as a zip file
  • Built in the Meteor framework with jQuery plugins to handle folder upload and Ajax-triggered download
  • Built PHP helper to process replacements using OpenTBS, and reassemble folder tree and output as .zip
  • Designed multilingual foreign sites for Piano Adventures, the #1 bestselling piano teaching method in the U.S.
  • Developing relaunch of U.S. website, using WordPress and WooCommerce to present searchable database of 298 publications, including page and audio previews
  • Built theme using the design of Piano Adventures’ books, supporting WooCommerce and WordPress Multilingual
  • Built elaborate custom WordPress plugin to provide search for global network of over 500 movie theaters
  • Users enter their location to see map with theaters near them, including films and showtimes
  • Uses client-side technologies Google Maps API and Geocoder, jQuery, jQuery Templates, cookies, Ajax and detection of users’ language and locale; server-side, implements best practices including registering scripts and styles and providing Ajax-powered admin pages for films, theaters, film series, labels and showtimes
  • Polls external data source to retrieve showtimes in JSON, and exports XML feed to remote clients
  • Designed and coded WordPress-based site for the documentary film production company Middlemarch
  • Features custom interactive JavaScript checkerboard where thumbnail tiles slide on hover
  • Checkerboard implemented as a WordPress plugin with its own client-accessible admin page
  • Implemented custom-styled monochrome Google map as well as inline videos
  • Created help website with detailed instructions with screenshots for clients to easily administer their site
  • Improved this Shopify-powered online store
  • Built new Ruby-based templates for product browsing and pagination, created an admin page to control the frontpage slideshow, replaced graphical text with Web fonts and fixed JavaScript errors
  • Revamped previous Joomla-based site run by the weekly newspaper The Manhattan Times
  • Optimized page load times, built custom modules and designed a new theme for a special section
  • Modules built using PHP backend with JavaScript/jQuery frontend 
  • Collaborated with graphic designer on WordPress-based site for the hedge fund Veda Asset Management
  • Implemented custom password-protected section where documents could be accessed only by investors
Created online store site Ferrick Mason Shop for parent company Ferrick Mason. Implemented JigoShop online store plugin within WordPress-based site.
  • Designed and coded WordPress-based personal site
  • Created custom templates for slideshows generated by the NextGen Gallery and cForms plugins
  • Designed and built WordPress-powered site for landscape architect Gerrit Goss
  • Worked closely with the client to implement attractive slideshows of his work
  • Created instructions and a video tutorial for client to maintain the site himself
Designed a new site for interior decorating company Accents et Details with graphic designer Alden Wallace, based on custom PHP code and Zen Cart for an online store.

Script Watermarker and Emailer

  • Automates the creation and distribution of watermarked scripts (or any PDF file)
  • With list of names and email addresses, creates and sends watermarked file to each recipient

Contact List Generator

  • Generates traditional film industry three-column contact list from a group vCard or folder of vCards

Degrees of IMDb

  • Links people or companies on IMDb by searching the database for connections 1 or 2 degrees apart

Batch Document Replacer

  • Finds and replaces text across folders and subfolders of Word and Excel documents
  • Web-based interface where users can upload an entire folder and download it processed as a zip file

Locations Map and Gallery

  • Shows potential locations on map and list, along with details and link to Web slideshow of photos
  • Locations are organized in groups, and include icons for categorizing and printing

Printable Google Map Stitcher

  • Combines high-resolution Google Maps tiles into poster-sized maps that look sharp when printed
  • Shows far more area than can fit on a screen; used to create poster street-level maps of entire cities

Secure Online Video Streamer

  • Presents private video on password-protected website via secure stream that cannot be saved

Day Out of Days Poster

  • Converts Movie Magic Scheduling cast day out of days into a single colorful table, printable as poster

Columbia University School of the Arts Film Division Master of Fine Arts degree in Film with a concentration in Producing

Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and English, with significant study of Computer Science

Programming Languages and Databases JavaScript/CoffeeScript, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, MongoDB, SQL/MySQL, FileMaker, JSON, XML, Ajax

Frameworks Meteor, WordPress, jQuery/jQuery UI and plugins, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Maps API, Amazon Web Services

Other Proficiencies Mac or Windows, Linux command line, SSH, shell scripts, Git/GitHub, FTP, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects